Customer Service Engineer

Termii Jobs 2021

Last Seen: 26th November 2021

Company NameTermii Jobs 2021

We are looking for a talented and motivated Customer Success Engineer to join our team at Termii. Termii is a fast-growing communications platform known for awesome customer experiences. (This role is not remote)

Our ideal candidate is technologically savvy and has the ability to work closely with both technical, support and sales teams while still interfacing directly with clients during their user journey on Termii.

Job Description

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues

2. Interface with the customer support team to understand customer problems

3. Provide timely and accurate customer feedback to the customer support team

4. Support the roll-out of new applications and features

5. Provide support in form of procedural documentation


6. Stay up to date with industry knowledge

Key Work Relationships

The Technical Support Officer will report directly to the customer success manager and will work closely with the engineering and customer support team.

Qualifications, Requirements and Experience

1. Undergraduate degree in any field of study (An advanced degree is a plus)

2. Previous work experience in technical support or a similar role

3. Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

4. Excellent interpersonal skills

5. Good communication skill