International Development Cooperation Expert (Official Development Assistance Specialist)

The Export-Import Bank of Korea

Last Seen: 25th November 2021

Company NameThe Export-Import Bank of Korea

Job TypeFull Time

Valid Until26th November 2021

Job Description

Working Hours: 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday

Salary: USD 1,500

Bonus: USD 1,500 per year

Retirement Allowance: USD 1,500 per year


  • Liaison with MDAs (specially with Ministry of Finance) and with international development cooperation (official development assistance) partners
  • Project development, coordination, supervision, monitoring and evaluation in ICT, energy, transport, health, education, agriculture sectors
  • Research of national development plan of MDAs
  • Research of ODA strategy of international development cooperation (official development assistance) partners
  • Research of economy, industry, investment, trade, etc.
  • Business trip in Ghana and to western African countries



  • Majored in international development cooperation for bachelor’s (and/or master’s) degree and/or working experience in international development cooperation (or official development assistance) agency
  • Master’s degree
  • DALF C1
  • Degree from university/graduate school in France preferred
  • Diploma/professional certificate in France preferred
  • Experience of exchange student in France preferred
  • DALF C2 preferred

CV should be submitted together with picture.

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